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SWEETHEART’S NOSEGAY ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch ): Amazing skill and artistry went into the creation of this lovely hair work bouquet of flowers brooch, c 1840 - 1870. Resting on an oval plaque of mother-of-pearl, the flowers (including a rose and four pansies) are formed of various shades of dark blonde and light brown hair. They are trimmed with bits of gold wire and several sizes of pearls. Probably a token of affection, the flowers symbolize love, devotion and thoughts in the sentimental Victorian language of flowers. They are set under beveled glass in a classic gold filled frame work featuring rope twist wires and dimensionally engraved foliate accents at the top and bottom of the setting. The original C clasp and elongated pin back are in perfect working order. Condition: Excellent. One pearl has shifted position. 1 3/4" high, 1 1/2" wide.

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