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Mourning Jewelry: MJ007

REMEMBRANCE AND REGRET ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Bracelet ): Two strands of purplish-red almandine garnet beads interspersed with natural pearl and gold beads encircle the wrist on this Victorian Mourning bracelet. It fastens with a rectangular V spring and box clasp. The clasp contains basket-woven salt and pepper hair surrounded by 26 pearls, symbolic of tears. For those who appreciate the artistry and sentiment of hair work jewelry, this delicate bracelet is an ideal addition to a collection. Because the hair is protected under glass in the clasp, the bracelet can be worn without fear of damage to the fragile hair work. Unlike table-worked hair bracelets, which expose the hair to the elements and the wrist to scratchy hair, this bracelet is both safe and comfortable. I think that the beaded strands are not original to the piece. The clasp is gold over brass. Condition: Very good. One tiny pearl in the clasp is fragmented, but it does not show except under magnification. The underside of the clasp shows wear. The clasp measures 3/4" by 1/2". The bracelet when clasped measures 6 3/4".

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