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Mourning Jewelry: MJ005

FORGET-ME-NOT ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch ): This dainty Victorian Mourning Brooch is striking in the simplicity of its single forget-me-not floral motif. Palette-worked on milk glass, this floral stem is done with several colors of hair. The setting is gold-filled with wire twists at the outer edge and at the base of the bevel. At 3 and 9 o’clock are matching decorative floral motifs. The back is engraved "J. Chelf". There is an extended pin stem and a C clasp that may be a replacement. A sweet change from woven hair and "In Memory Of" pieces. There is a lightness about this brooch. Condition: Very Good. A thin strip of replacement gold runs along the top edge of the setting at the bezel edge. A few surface scratches on the cover. 2 3/4" wide, 1 3/8" high.  

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