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 DUO OF PRETTY LADIES ( Antique Victorian Framed Portrait Miniature of Two Young Ladies ): I was so pleased to find this English painted Portrait Miniature of two charming red haired girls – sisters, I'm sure. Water color painted with delicate finesse, their facial features are sublime. One is blue-eyed and the other has soft brown eyes. They are both enveloped in a in a gossamer silken piece of fabric that is loosely tied beneath their chins. We have no clue as to their identity or what they are thinking, but their faces beguile and enchant the viewer. There is an artistic signature consisting of the artist's initials near the bottom which I believe is “CA”. They are encased in a brass oval and inset into a black painted frame. The decorative brass hanger at the top includes the English rose, Scottish thistle and an Irish clover. The back is covered in thin brown paper. Why not claim these beauties as you own relatives? You will be envied by all.

Condition: The painting itself is in excellent condition. There is a fine scratch in the celluloid cover. Black frame has some scratches and dings.
Size: Oval portrait 3 7/8” high, 3 3/8” wide. Black frame 6 3/4” high, 5 1/2” wide, 1/4” deep.

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