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IVORY MISTRESS OF THE FLOWERS ( Victorian / Edwardian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pendant ): This serene hand carved Ivory Brooch/Pendant exhibits the delicate patina that only time can afford to give to fine grained Ivory. The subject may well be Flora, the Roman goddess of Flowers, who made the flowers grow and blossom. This “mistress of the flowers” symbolizes new live, spring, regeneration and hope. In this Ivory rendering the lovely young nymph is adorned with trumpet shaped lilies instead of the traditional roses. I think that this miniature Ivory work of art may belong to the Art Nouveau (c. 1985-1910) period. The lily was a favorite floral motif and this nymph bears none of the traits of the “Victorianized” female heads incorporating then contemporary hair styles and jewelry. Organic materials and pale colors were much favored by artists as they approached the delicate, monochromatic colorless palette favored by the Edwardians. Set in a simple wire twist 14KT Gold setting, this Cameo can be worn as either a brooch or a pendant. The pin back has an early safety clasp and a hinged pendant hook that is marked “14K”. A carving this fine probably originated in France where the tradition of Ivory carving reached its full artistry. This exquisite Cameo can be worn with denim or lace. You can make it a signature piece proclaiming your own unique sense of style. I just love it! Condition: Excellent. Size: 2” high, 1 1/2” wide, 3/8” deep.

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