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PUTTO OR CHERUB? ( Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pin ): This is a beautifully and deeply carved Antique Ivory Cameo Brooch (c. 1860-80) that most of us would call a Cherub – a young angelic figure generally associated with Christian love (individual and God). However, Cherubs and Cupids are usually depicted in art bearing wings. I believe this lovely child with grape leaves, vines and clusters intertwined in his hair is a actually a “Putto”. Putti (plural of Putto) have an interesting history. They originated out of classical Greek mythology as young boys associated with Eros (Cupid), Erato (muse of love poetry) and secular love – perhaps the reason for the grapes in his hair as seen in that of Bacchantes. Putti disappeared during the Middle Ages but were revived in the Renaissance Period, mainly by the famous painter and sculptor – Donatello. He gave Putti new meaning by using them in a the context of Christian love and sometimes gave them wings. Two such curious Putti can be seen sitting at the feet of Raphael's “Madonna” in the Sistine Chapel. Putti and Cherubs reached their peak in the Baroque Period (17th and early 18th Centuries), but I would like to point out that they reappeared in Beethoven's “The Pastoral Symphony” in Walt Disney's “Fantasia”. (How's that for trivia?) Besides the beautiful child, note the perfect bead surround added by this master carver. We have taken several side views to show you how wonderfully 3-dimensional this Putto is – undoubtedly carved in France, the center of the finest master carvers. The piece has a lovely patina and the ivory grain can easily be seen (in real life) on both the front and back. (See darkened photo.) There is the original rivet set C clasp closure on the back. Ivory is becoming difficult to find and the prices keep climbing. Add this Cherubic Putto to your collection!

Condition: Excellent. No chips or cracks. I believe one bead at 5:00 may be an old replacement, but a perfect one.
Size: 2 1/2” high, 1 7/8” wide, 3/4” deep.

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