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GOLDEN IVORY BACCHANTE ( Victorian Ivory Jewelry Bacchante Brooch / Pin ): Beauty and grace combine in this exquisite hand carved Ivory Victorian Cameo Brooch. (c. 1860-80) Not just another “pretty face”, this lovely rendering is a miniature work of art by a French master carver. Your are looking at a very serene Bacchante – a follower of the god, Bacchus. Deeply carved, this lady has two dainty strands of beads round her neck and grapes and grape leaves form her head dress. You can still see the curls of hair hanging on each side of her neck. She has a languid, sensual look – a tiny smile on her lips and her eyes have tiny pupils focused upward. I love the way the beaded edge enhances the grapes in her hair and the beaded necklace. Both the grain and the almost “golden” ivory patina are lovely. There is a pin back with a C clasp catch that may have been added later. Quality Ivory pieces have become scarce and will only become more rare as collectors covet these Antique Ivory Cameos. This is not a large Cameo, making the master carver's work even more amazing because he had to work in such a small area. When you hold her in your hand you can see what a challenge carving this Cameo must have been.

Condition: Excellent. A tiny split at the top of the cameo. The price reflects this blemish.
Size: Medium. 1 3/4” high, 1/1/4” wide, 1/2” deep at the forehead.


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