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 GODDESS DIANA IN ELIZABETHAN DRESS ( Victorian Jewelry Ivory Diana Cameo Pendant ): I was thrilled to discover this rare and superb Victorian hand carved Ivory Portrait Cameo. The goddess Diana (crescent moon in hair) is portrayed in Elizabethan dress, a scarce and unusual view of the goddess of the hunt. Diana was a beautiful wild maiden, a virgin huntress, and was the daughter of Zeus. She was also the protector of children and wild animals. Her association with Selene, the Moon goddess, gave her the mark of the crescent moon. The choice of Elizabethan dress is striking and dramatic and the large lace ruff sets off her face like a picture frame. Her lovely eyes even have visible pupils! Abundant hair curls and waves are rendered with exquisite beauty. The crescent moon sits like a crown on her head and she wears a necklace of tiny ivory carved beads as well as a large brooch at her neckline. In this Victorian interpretation, Diana’s “wildness” has been tamed to suit the romantic Victorian style. The choice of dress is an additional nod to romanticism. I believe that this ivory carving may have been a souvenir of the Victorian passion for travel. She may have been place in a shadow box or box lid. At a much later date, this Antique Cameo was made into a pendant. The claw-set mounting and full back cover are 18KT gold plated. The piece is French, most likely carved in Dieppe, the center of ivory carving. The ivory grain is very beautiful and through the years this Flora has acquired an even warm patina of buttery yellow. Pendants are difficult to find and highly sough after by collectors of both Ivory and Cameos. You may never see a Cameo like this again!

Condition: Excellent. One tiny prong on the lower left may have lost its tip. The “line” you see down along her left cheek in some photos is a reflection, not a defect. Two views show her left cheek directly.
Size: Large. 2 3/4" high, 2" wide, 3/8" deep.

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