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DAY & NIGHT CAMEO ( Antique Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin ): This stunning Victorian Cameo of “Day and Night” is one of the most desirable and sought after cameo subjects. It is based on the Danish artist, Bertel Thorvaldsen's Roman Reliefs (1815) of the Greek Goddesses. His most famous work is now hanging in the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen. This beautifully hand carved Antique Shell Cameo (c. 1850-70) depicts the head and shoulders of both goddesses floating on a bank of clouds. It contains the most popular elements of each. On the left Day (Eos / Aurora) has her eyes wide open as she looks up and welcomes the rising sun. You can see the rays of the sun extending from around her head. She wears a crown of roses which bloom in the daytime. She holds a Cherub (called “Genius of Light”) who is holding a torch. On the right Night (Nyx / Nox) looks down with her eyes closed in sleep. She wears the veil of night and crown of poppies – symbols of sleep and dreams. There is a half moon above her head and she hold an owl holding opium pods. It is set in a relatively simple 18KT gold frame. It is a brooch with a safety ring at the top. A ring or bale could be added to convert to pendant. A wonderful addition to any Cameo collection.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 7/8” high, 1 1/2” wide, 1/4” deep.


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