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POETIC MUSE ( Vintage Jewelry Shell Cameo Earrings ): I have had these appealing and feminine hand carved shell earrings for about 40 years. I purchased them at an antique show, but I would date them to the early 1950’s. Zeus had nine beautiful daughters who were referred to as the Muses. They were goddesses who patronized art, music, dance, literature and inspirational creativity. These vintage tear drop pierced earrings show Erato, the Muse of Lyric and Love Poetry, holding a lyre. Carved as mirror images, notice the gossamer draperies swirling around the figures. The circular tops show delicately rendered flowers – probably forget-me-nots. The cameos are mounted in a gilt (gold wash over silver) setting with a fine wire twist encircling the floral tops as well as the tear drop Muses. The posts are set on a vertical support, making them very sturdy and easy to put on. The ear backs are the ones that I used – clear disks – that hold the earrings firmly in place. Very pretty earrings that are articulated and move and swing as these Muses “dance” next to your face. A well priced classical pair of earrings to add to your jewel box!

Condition: Excellent. Slight wear to gilt.
Size: 2” long, 3/4" wide, 3/8” deep. Drop is 1 1/2” long.

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