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 NECTAR FOR THE GODS ( Victorian Jewelry Shell Hebe Cameo Pin / Pendant ): This very large and remarkable hand carved Cameo of Hebe and the Eagle (c. 1870-80) offers you the opportunity to add an outstanding pendant/pin to your collection. I have had many requests for pendants and they are very difficult to find! Hebe was a goddess of youth, the personification of eternal beauty. The daughter of Zeus and Hera, her role was cupbearer to the gods, serving them nectar as they feasted on Mount Olympus. Nectar was the god’s elixir of immortality. Hebe is frequently portrayed on Nineteenth Century Cameos serving nectar to Zeus, from a bowl. Zeus is shown here in the guise of an eagle. This cameo is set in a silver gilt (solid silver with a gilt wash) mount for wear as a brooch or with a ribbed hinged bail to wear as a pendant. The carving is superb – every feather is clearly delineated. Hebe sits among the clouds holding the bowl of nectar in her left hand and the pitcher it is poured from in her right hand. The face of the goddess is very delicately rendered (she faces left) and she even has tiny toes! The carving was done by a master, able to use the colored layers of the shell to accent and highlight important areas. All of the elements appear to swirl in a circular pattern – adding life to the subject. The back has a trombone clasp (a two part sliding tubular safety closing) and the mount is marked “800”. Quite grand in scale and regal in design, this Antique Cameo Pendant/Brooch is a marvel of skill and artistry.

Condition: Excellent. Faint striations to the top edge. A few other natural striation marks visible from the back, but not the front.
Size: Large. 2 5/8” high, 2 1/4" wide, curved shell 1/2" deep.

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