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  LOVE & WAR – VENUS & MARS ( Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin ): This is the first time that I have offered this rare cameo subject, the lovers Venus (Greek Aphrodite) and Mars (Greek Ares). This hand carved Antique Shell Cameo Brooch (c. 1840-50) depicts the lovers accompanied by Cupid (Greek Eros). Cupid, the son of Venus, is portrayed holding an arrow and a flaming torch, which he used to arouse love and passion. Mars, the God of War, is a handsome, virile male figure wearing a helmet bearing a winged horse, with his spear and shield nearby. Venus, the Goddess of Love & Beauty, was adored by gods and men. She was sensual and vain, often encouraging her son, Cupid, to tease Mars by withholding his shield. This is a Cameo brooch of unsurpassed beauty and the highest quality carving. Notice that the pair are carved facing left – more difficult and rare – making it even more coveted by collectors. Prong set in a cannetille wire work frame of 18KT gold plate. The C clasp and pin stem run vertically. The Cameo has been signed on the back by the master carver. You will want to add this beauty to your personal treasures. These detailed and rare Cameo brooches are increasingly difficult to find. Buy the best and most beautiful and share it with another generation.

Condition: Excellent. The setting shows the slightest wear.
Size: 2 1/8” high, 1 3/4" wide, 1/4" deep.

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