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CHILDREN OF NIGHT ( Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin ): This hand carved Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch (c. 1870-80) is one of my very favorite designs. Taken from a marble bas-relief by Neo-classical sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen, (executed in 1815) it remained a favorite subject for cameos throughout the 19th Century. The winged figure of Nyx, goddess of Night, carries in her arms her two sleeping children – the young gods, Hypnos and Thanatos. Hypnos – the god of Sleep, son of Night and brother of Death – slumbers on one shoulder and Thanatos – the personification of Death – rests on his mother’s other shoulder. Nyx herself is surrounded by four stars and puffy clouds. (There is a companion bas-relief that depicts “Day”.) This is an extremely lovely carving with delicate wing feathers and gracefully swirling draperies. A possible signature (“Gily”??) is marked on the back of the shell. The vertical depiction of “Night” is an unusual one. The gilt gold setting compliments the caramel shaded Antique Cameo Brooch and adds a dainty wire twist to the bezel mount. The extended pin stem, C clasp closure and safety chain are all original to the piece. A touching and appealing Cameo at an equally appealing price.

Condition: Excellent. No defects.
Size: 2” high, 1 5/8” wide, 1/4" deep.


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