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ETERNAL LOVE FOR THE SOUL ( Edwardian Jewelry Art Nouveau Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin ): This sensuous and romantic hand carved shell cameo brooch is a lovely rendering of Cupid and his bride, Psyche. (c. 1895-1920) Cupid pricked himself on his own arrow and fell in love with the beautiful mortal Psyche. After many trials, Zeus gave permission for the two lovers to marry and Psyche became an immortal. Psyche in Greek means both “soul” and “butterfly” – the soul was seen as a butterfly which left the body after death. Psyche wears her butterfly wings on her shoulders and the adult Cupid’s wings provide a perfect complement. This Antique Cameo is enhanced by swirling diaphanous draperies, her rippling hair and the fluffy clouds below the immortal couple. All of the elements of the Art Nouveau movement are given full play here – flowing, graceful lines, “whip lash” curves and draped figures add all of the romantic qualities Cupid brings to mind. The shell carving is bezel set in a delicate 14KT gold rim. The original C clasp and pin stem are intact. The pin stem is marked, but indiscernible. A masterwork of romantic love that is as timeless as it is beautiful.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 2” high, 1 ½” wide, ¼” deep.

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