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 TWO GODDESSES “DAY & NIGHT” ( Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Pendant ): The romantic Victorians loved the subjects, “Day” and “Night”. This exquisite hand carved shell Antique Shell Cameo pendant, circa 1870, presents the personification of the goddesses – “Day and Night” in combination. Each displays their respective attributes. On the left, Day (Eos/Aurora) is seen with flowers in her hair and the rays of sun radiating above her head as she welcomes in the day. On the right, Night (Nyx/Nox) wears the veil of night with poppies – the narcotic, sleep inducing plant, in her hair. Her eyes are closed. The stars and a crescent moon can be seen floating above both figures. Zeus, in the guise of an eagle, rests on the clouds - providing a serene scene of the gods in peaceful harmony. This Victorian Cameo Pendant is remarkable for its delicacy of execution and poetic feeling. The fact that this masterful Cameo is a pendant makes it all the more desirable to me. I love having Cameos that are worn close to the face. A seductive and alluring Cameo reminding us that angels of many sorts greet us night and day. A highly sought after Cameo subject, especially with Zeus appearing as an eagle, “Day and Night” will continue to fascinate and delight you. The mounting is jeweler tested Sterling Silver with a nice sized Sterling bale. The Cameo is bezel set and surrounded by a rope twist. Condition: Excellent. There may have been a thin vermeil gold wash at one time, as there appears to be the slightest hint of gold in the Sterling Silver setting. Size: Cameo is 2 1/8” long, 1 5/8” wide, with bale 2 1/2” long.

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