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THE THREE GRACES – JOY, CHARM & BEAUTY ( Victorian Jewelry Three Graces Cameo Set in Tortoiseshell Pendant ): The pairing of 2 different types of shell is unusual and striking. This large Antique Cameo Pendant surrounds the Three Graces (Bull’s Mouth shell) with an elaborate wide frame of Tortoiseshell. (c. 1880-90) In Greek mythology the three goddesses of joy, charm & beauty were known as The Three Graces. The daughters of Zeus, the Graces presided over banquets, dances and all other pleasurable social events. They brought joy and goodwill to both gods and mortals. The Graces were rarely treated as individuals, but always together as a kind of triple embodiment of grace and beauty. In art, they are usually represented as lithe young maidens dancing in a circle. These Three Graces, draperies swirling, are holding a crown of roses over the head of the center maiden. Finely hand carved down to their tiny toes, these ladies are real charmers. The large, superbly crafted, opulent Tortoiseshell frame ranges in color from a warm caramel to a dark chocolate brown. Leaves and vines intertwine to form an unending and captivating portrait of timeless beauty. Lacy and delicate, this dynamite combination is a seductive and alluring work of the jeweler’s art. Condition: Excellent. Includes large bale of Tortoiseshell. Not visible to the naked eye – a tiny nick on the back edge of the frame and a small split at the top of the tortoise bezel surrounding the cameo (both pictured). Age and dryness cause such separations. These are very minor and of no importance in a piece of this age.

Size: Total length 3”, 2 1/4” wide. Cameo is 1 3/4” high, 1 3/8” wide.


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