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DIANA CRADLING HER DOG ( Victorian Jewelry Cameo Pendant ): Diana, Goddess of the Hunt! This is a fantastic chance to purchase a beautiful Victorian shell cameo pendant hand carved in high relief. (c. 1860-80) It is difficult to part with this rare teardrop shaped cameo because, not only is Diana pictured to the waist floating in clouds, but the elegant dog she cradles so lovingly is carved in such fine detail – including the collar he wears. Animals depicted in cameo carvings are highly sought after by serious collectors. Daughter of Zeus and Leto, Diana is signified by her bow and hunting dog and was noted for her chastity. As the twin sister of Apollo, Diana was associated with the moon, complementing Apollo’s association with the sun. She is seen here with the crescent moon above her head. She was also the protector of children and young animals. Floral symbols embellish the top and bottom of the tear drop shape. The depth and delicacy of the carving is exceptional. A very feminine piece, the cameo is set in a formal style in a lovely elaborate 14KT Gold scrolling mount. This cameo pendant was probably brought back from Italy as a gift for a Victorian lady of taste, as a souvenir of the “Grand Tour”. There is an 18KT Gold Chain with a spring clasp closure currently on the cameo, but I believe that it is a later replacement chain. It is marked “Cioria”??. An unforgettable and captivating cameo to treasure for a lifetime. Condition: Excellent. No wear to cameo surface. No stress marks. Size: Cameo and setting 2 1/2” long, 1” wide, almost 1/2” deep. Gold filled chain is 32” long.

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