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HARDSTONE CLASSIC BEAUTIES ( Victorian Jewelry Hardstone Cameo Earrings ): Right out of a Gloucester, Mass. estate, these mid-Victorian (c. 1860’s) earrings were handed down through the original family to treasure for generations. A very nice size for you petite ladies, these gold plated beauties are claw bezel set with hand carved hardstone Carnelian Cameos. Carved as mirror images, these cameos depict a woman wearing a necklace and diadem (crown). The Antique Earrings feature hollow yellow gold plated bellflower frames and beaded trim outer frames. They are decorated with four flower head motifs and three girandole drops dangle from the bottom of each. Because they are hollow, these “ear bobs” are light weight and the pretty drops dance next to your face. The ear wires have C clasp closures similar to kidney wires. I believe that these wires and closures are later additions, yet perfectly appropriate to the earrings. Bright and dazzling, these earrings are a perfect example of Victorian fashion. At a great price, these are yours to treasure and pass on to further generations of your family. Condition: Excellent. One of the flower heads (outside left earring) has been replaced in the past. The price reflects this really unnoticeable (in actual size) replacement. Size: 2” long from top of wire as it hangs from your ear, 1” wide. Cameos are 1/4” deep so that they really “pop” out.

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