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NIGHT SLEEP ( Victorian Jewelry Nyx Lava Cameo Brooch ): Victorians had a passion for travel and heading the list of tourist destinations was the newly uncovered ruins of Pompeii. Tourists, then as now, were of a single mind when it came to taking home souvenirs to remind them of their holiday. Lava Cameos from Mount Vesuvius became the mementos of choice. Lavish and intricate in its every detail, this striking tan Lava Antique Cameo Brooch depicts the goddess of night, Nyx. (c. 1840-70) Respected even by Zeus, Nyx was a feared goddess and mother of many powerful forces – including sleep and death. Her attributes were the poppy – the narcotic, sleep inducing plant – and nocturnal creatures such as the owl. Her eyes are closed and she wears the veil of night. There is a vertical pin back with a C clasp. A scarce subject for lava carvings, I was pleased to find this piece. Haunting and mysterious, Nyx is one of the most memorable Cameo images. Condition: Excellent. She still has her nose! A tiny flake in the veil near her hair – not visible to the naked eye. I believe the three poppies clutched in the owl’s talons used to be a bit longer. Size: 2” high, 1 1/2” wide, almost 1/2” deep.

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