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ADORED BY GODS & MEN ( Victorian Jewelry Cameo Brooch / Pendant ): Aphrodite (Venus), goddess of Love and Beauty, was the embodiment of ideal female beauty. She was the daughter of Zeus and the mother of Eros (Cupid). Her sole purpose was to be adored by gods and men - her irresistible charm was the most formidable of her powers. In this Victorian hand carved shell Cameo (c. 1870-80) Aphrodite is captured gazing at her image in a mirror held by a cherub while a second little winged cherub is about to crown her with a wreath of flowers. Seated in a classical garden with a column at the left and boughs of flowers overhead, this intimate scene is both seductive and alluring. Aphrodite wears diaphanous draperies swirled about her body. This Antique Shell Cameo has been recently set in an 18KT (marked 750) gold beaded edge setting with a safety clasp pin back and a large pendant slide. A versatile piece that can be worn two different ways. The simplicity of the setting is perfectly suited to this romantic scene, carved with such lavish detail. A Victorian Cameo that is the image of graceful femininity. Condition: Excellent. A few tiny striations at the top edge. Nothing visible to the naked eye. Size: 2 1/4 high, 1 3/4 wide, 3/8 deep.

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