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PORTRAIT PAIR ( Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch ): Collecting portrait cameos was a popular trend among 19th Century socialites. Representations of historical figures, such as Shakespeare, Mary – Queen of Scots and Dante; and images of contemporary notables – including the Romantic poets, novelists and politicians - were highly desired by wealthy Victorians. This large and dramatic Antique Cameo is an example of the skill and artistry of the shell carvers. (c. 1870-80) The refinement of the hair and facial features, the quality of the clothing (even tiny buttons) and the artful arrangement of the subjects attest to the quality of this brooch. A regal and imposing couple, this cameo may well be a portrait of Shakespeare and his classical muse. A gold plated high bezel setting is surrounded by a thick engraved twist frame. Original C clasp and replacement pin stem. A wonderful cameo for a collector with literary and historical interests. A dynamite combination of images! Condition: Excellent. A few tiny natural stress marks near the back of the man’s head – visible only under magnification. Size: 2 3/4” high, 2 1/8” wide, 3/8” deep.

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