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PSYCHE IN GOLD & DIAMONDS ( Vintage Jewelry Coral Cameo Brooch / Pendant ): I love the contrast of this carved angelskin coral cameo set against the lattice and scrollwork of 18KT gold. (c. 1930-40) The cameo portrays Psyche, the bride of Eros (Cupid). The butterfly wings in her hair are an easy way to identify this mythological lady. Psyche in Greek means both “soul” and “butterfly” – the soul was seen as a butterfly which left the body after death. This miniature coral carving uses the pale pink portion of the coral to accent the waves in her hair and the butterfly wings. Her profile is delicately rendered and she is facing left – a more unusual view. The marked 18KT setting has a concave hammered rim with two curled edges, each set with five tiny diamonds. I discussed this brooch with two cameo dealers and they felt it was a 1930-40’s piece, probably a custom made item, hallmarked with an “L” in a circle. There is a safety clasp pin back and hinged pendant bale. Versatile and elegant, this cameo is outstanding in its fine use of textures and materials.

Condition: Excellent. The tip of the bottom wing may have an old chip, but it is not noticeable among the flurry of gold & diamonds.
Size: 1 7/8” high, 1 1/2” wide, 5/8” deep.

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