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THE PRINCE OF PEACE ( Victorian Jewelry Jesus Cameo Brooch ): Although mythological subject matter dominated Victorian Cameos, Christian images were not uncommon. This beautifully carved Cameo (c.1860-80) portrays Jesus at the Last Supper. Serene and benevolent, the image is one of lasting faith. A cup and a pitcher can be seen on the table in front of Jesus. His finely detailed face and hands radiate peace and love to all he gazes upon. The carving of his hair as it flows into his robe shows perfect harmony and proportion. His face is carved in very high relief. The cameo is bezel set in a lovely gilt-gold chased setting. The C-clasp is an early replacement. There is a large hook on the back from which a cross could be suspended. A really beautiful complement to any cameo collection. Condition: Excellent. A few light striations not visible to the naked eye. Size: 2 high, 1 5/8 wide.

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