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GIFTS OF THE SEA ( Victorian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant Necklace ): Soft coral brings a romantic touch to this charming Victorian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant. (c. 1840) A finely carved Bacchante – grape leaves in hair – rests in the center of the pendant. There are light coral beads, bezel set, all the way around the rim of the Cameo and inset in the matching bale. Coral has been a symbol of beauty, hope and protection since classical times. The Sterling Silver setting is marked “?00” (800 or 900) and probably European. The mark “RO” also appears on the back setting. My guess is that the hand knotted coral bead necklace was added at a later date. (The gold clasp is marked “PAT 9CT”.) The two pieces blend together beautifully, both in color and scale. There is a replacement C-clasp and pin back. Coral and shell – the gifts of the sea. Condition: Very good. There may have once been a gold wash over the silver. The cameo has been lacquered, a technique used to stabilize the shell. Size: Bale and Pendant 2 1/8” long, 1 1/4” wide. Coral Bead Necklace 17” long.  

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