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THE FATE OF THE QUEEN (Edwardian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant ): In this exquisite Edwardian Shell Cameo (c. 1915-20) Cleopatra - "The Queen of the Nile" - serenely awaits her fate. Elegantly hand carved, this Cameo is both a brooch and a pendant. Wearing a royal diadem on her elaborately arrayed hairstyle and a graceful gown of sheer draperies, she bares one breast to reveal the tiny asp that will take her life. The deep and highly carved image of Cleopatra features a lacy and delicate 14KT white gold (marked) filigree setting. White gold came into common usage during World War I, when platinum was appropriated for the war effort and banned for use in jewelry. The Edwardian style evolved from 1890 - 1920. The pin back has an early safety catch and a hinged pendant loop. The slide on safely guard is not included. Condition: Excellent. A few light natural striations not visible to the eye. Size: 2 1/8"high, 1 3/4" wide, 1/2"deep.

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