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ATHENA THE WARRIOR GODDESS ( Edwardian Shell Cameo Brooch / Pendant )

ATHENA THE WARRIOR GODDESS ( Edwardian Shell Cameo Brooch / Pendant ): Exquisite carving sets this Edwardian Cameo Brooch / Pendant head and shoulders above the rest. (c. 1901 - 1910) This is Athena, the daughter of Zeus. Full-grown and in full armor, she sprang from his head. In the earliest account of her, the Iliad, she was a fierce and ruthless battle-goddess. She was also the protector of civilized life, of handicrafts and agriculture. In this incredible carving, Athena is depicted as the inventor of the bridle, who first tamed horses for men to use. Her helmet is bedecked with four carved horses and a horse-hair crest tapers down to a tail at the back of her helmet. She wears scalloped armor with a tiny face at its center. Notice the fine bead necklace and her lovely ear with its grape cluster earring. Details everywhere you look. The deep bezel and filigree setting is 14 KT white gold - a favorite with Edwardians. The back has a lever safety catch, patented in 1901, and a swivel pendant holder. You will fall in love with this multitasking goddess. Condition: Excellent, pristine. Size: 2 1/2" high, 2" wide, 3/8" deep.

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