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CLEOPATRA’S CHOICE ( Victorian Shell Cameo Necklace ): Shells of both land and sea animals combine to make this spectacular Cameo Necklace. Tortoiseshell is elaborately cut and pierced in curved foliate motifs to form the frame work of the pendant. Alternating long and short oval links make up the continuous chain. Helmet shell is the source of the fabulous Cleopatra portrait contained in the oval center of the pendant. The Queen of the Nile serenely awaits her fate in a royal diadem on her beautifully arranged hairstyle and a graceful gown which bares one breast to reveal the tiny asp that will take her life. Exquisitely carved, the necklace dates to the late Victorian period (c. 1890) and is designed to slip over the head. There is no opening in the chain. An irresistibly elegant necklace. Condition: Excellent. The top of the shell is curved a bit higher than the bottom. A natural occurrence when working with the curve of natural shell. The cameo appears to be lightly lacquered so that it has a shine similar to the tortoise shell framework. Size: Pendant 3"high, 2" wide. Cameo alone 1 5/8" high, 1 3/8" wide. Chain 23" long. Overall length including pendant - 14 1/2" long.

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