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BLACK AS JET ( Victorian Jet and Coral Cameo Brooch ): This superb Victorian Cameo Brooch has a setting carved from Whitby Jet with a Angelskin Coral Cameo at its center. (c. 1870) The jet has been hand carved into a swirl effect and then more intricate carving frames the cameo. The carving of the coral is done in high relief and very detailed, even clearly depicting this elegant ladyís necklace. The contrast between the soft pink and the glossy jet make this brooch particularly stunning. The back of the brooch is fitted with a silver hand-made plate and pin with safety catch. The pinback is a later replacement, which is quite common, as the original fittings were glued on and very few survived intact. Jet of the finest quality can only be found near the historic fishing town of Whitby on the coast on England. Victorians would take the train to this seaside town for a holiday and then purchase jet jewelry as holiday souvenirs. It was the Victorian vogue for mourning jewelry that contributed most significantly to the success of the Whitby Jet industry in the mid-1800ís. It is now illegal to mine for Whitby jet. It can only be obtained when pieces wash ashore.


Ah! Black as Jet, but long ago

In dignity and lace,

The ladies wore around their necks

A flash of ebon grace.

Condition: Excellent. No cracks or chips. A scratch on the back of the jet not visible from the front. Size: 2 1/2" high, 1 3/4" wide, 7/8" deep. Cameo is 1 1/8" high, 7/8" wide.


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