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APOLLO’S BELOVED ( Edwardian Shell Cameo Brooch ):   This beautifully carved Shell Cameo Brooch portrays the wood nymph, Daphne, crowned with a laurel wreath. When pursued by Apollo, Daphne appealed to her father, the river god, Peneus, who transformed her into a laurel tree. Apollo mourned her loss so much that he chose the laurel to be his tree and wreaths of laurel to crown victors in his honor. Elegantly simple design and intricately detailed carving distinguish this lovely piece. Every strand of hair is still clearly delineated and the laurel wreath and Greek chiton robe are highlighted by a third layer of the shell’s rusty orange color. Mounted in a gold-filled rim setting, it fastens with an early form of safety catch which dates it to c. 1895 - 1910. Condition: Excellent. A few tiny stress lines in the shell at the very top of the cameo. Size: 2 1/2" high, 1 3/4" wide.

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