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THE GODDESSES AT PLAY: This rare "bar" shaped Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch depicts a relaxed and charming outdoor scene. Two goddesses appear to be paying tribute to Venus (Aphrodite) reclining at the center with her son, Cupid, hovering near. On the left, near the column, a goddess offers a bow to Venus and on the right the goddess near the tree holds aloft a wreath. Perhaps "War and Wisdom"? The shape of this hand carved Cameo is rare and the shell itself curves up at the center and then slopes gently down at the two sides. Set in a bezel and wire twist gold-plated frame. This is a brooch designed to be worn at the collar of a Victorian woman’s blouse, but would look very appealing on the lapel of a jacket today. The back retains its original C clasp closure and is braced with metal bars. There remains a tiny loop for a safety chain. Condition: Very Good. No cracks or chips or frame damage. Some loving wear to the faces. Size: 2 3/8" wide, 3/4" high, 3/8" deep.

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