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CHRISTIAN VICTORY CROSS ( Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch ): What a superbly carved spiritual Victorian Shell Cameo! An Angel floats above the clouds (Heaven), holding a palm frond (Victory) aloft in her right hand and carrying a huge Cross (Christianity) in her left. This scene depicts the Triumph of Christianity. Look closely at her lovely draperies and the wonderful delicacy of both her wing feathers and the palm leaves. This allegorical treatment of a Christian theme is one I’ve never seen before. What a nice change from angels and cherubs! The 2-dimensional gold filled frame motif consists of fleur-de-lis on the top level and scallops underneath. The back of the frame has been reinforced with small bars and contains the engraved initials "M" and "V" (probably the original owner). The C clasp pin back has been replaced with a safety catch. Obviously, this Cameo was well cared for and worn with love. Condition: Excellent. The frame has a few wear spots. Total size: 2 1/4" high, 2" wide. Cameo alone: 1 5/8" high, 1 3/8".

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