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WAR AND WISDOM: This lovely early 20th century Shell Cameo Portrait of Athena is a combination brooch / pendant. Athena was the daughter of Zeus alone. No mother bore her. Full-grown and in full armor she sprang from the head of Zeus. (Mythology - Donít ask!) Athens was her special city, the olive created by her was her tree, the owl her bird. In poetry she is the embodiment of wisdom and reason. In this cameo, Athena appears in armor, carrying a shield with an owl and olive branch on her helmet. There is also a tiny face carved on the top of her helmet roach. It is unusual to have a cameo profile facing to the left, most face right. Ever notice? The use of color in this carving is especially nice. Though unmarked, she is set in a 14KT wire and bead filigree frame. The shell is held in place by 6 prongs. The pin back has an early safety catch. You must pull up the tiny lever to release the lock. The pendant hook is original. Condition: Good. The shell itself is curved and raises up on the left side of the brooch. Someone has applied some glue to the backing. There is some damage to the frame at the right where the pin clasp is. Fortunately, the filigree work is so complicated that the damage is not noticed when you are wearing it. The price reflects this defect. No cracks or striations to the shell itself. Size: 1 3/4" high, 1 3/8" wide.

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