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SLEEK AND SERENE ( Vintage Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant ):  This sleek and poised lady exhibits the clean lines and feminine grace so appealing to the modern eye. A shell cameo carved with lovely attention to detail. Notice the charming facial features, none of those pert, upturned noses here! Due to the hair style on the young lady, I would date this Cameo to the mid 1900ís. Set in a simple wire twist bezel and rim, marked "K14" on the back, this brooch closes with a safety catch. There is a hinged bale so that the Cameo can be worn as a pin or pendant. A lovely gift waiting for someone. Condition: Very good. There are tiny stippling dots on the back, but it looks perfect from the front. 1 1/2" high, 1 1/4" wide.

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