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KING OF THE GODS: This majestic portrait brooch of Zeus (or Jupiter to the Romans), the king of the gods is carved from an extremely thick ridge of pink queen’s conch shell, allowing for an unusual depth of bas-relief. The full frontal view shows powerful masculine features framed by curled hair and beard, crowned with a laurel wreath. Bezel set in a simple but deep 14K gold frame with a beaded edge, the piece has a swiveling bale and strong pin with safety catch. It can be worn either as a pin or a pendant. The setting seems to be twentieth century, but the cameo appears to be late Victorian; difficult to date, but easy to love! The pink shell background makes the piece very feminine. A similar Zeus in chalcedony is in the collection of the Lizzards Museum of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst, IL. Condition: Excellent. Some solder on the inside of the setting. 2" high, 1 1/2" wide, 1/2" thick!!!

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