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BUTTERFLY WING BRIDE ( Edwardian Jewelry Psyche Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin / Pendant ): Psyche, bride of Cupid, is portrayed in this large exquisite Antique Cameo with her finely carved upswept hair confined by a simple fillet and clothed in diaphanous draperies. Superbly carved from an ombre shaded shell, the stylized butterfly wings which identify her as the goddess of the soul are delicately perched on her shoulder. It is set in jeweler tested 14K white gold filigree and scroll work with a hinged bezel so that it can be worn either as a pin or a pendant. White gold came into common usage during World War I when platinum was appropriated for the war effort and banned for use in jewelry. Dating from the Edwardian period, the early safety clasp is marked 14K. Condition: Excellent. No wear at all. There are a few natural striations appearing around her head, but not visible to the naked eye. They only appear under magnification. Size: 2 5/8 high, 1 7/8 wide.

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