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ART NOUVEAU SILVER FANTASY ( Victorian Silver Cameo Brooch ): This exquisite brooch is a perfect example of a turn-of-the-century artistic change. In 1895 Art Nouveau (New Art) style caught fire and burned with a passion for a short while at the turn of the century before it flamed out and died by 1915. Its rise and fall spanned less than twenty years, but had quite an impact on jewelry history. Art Nouveau motifs have an element of fantasy with "whiplash" curves and sensual overtones. Favorite motifs include the female face and body, dragon flies and butterflies, writhing snakes and mythical creatures. Irises, poppies, water lilies and trailing vines are part of the botanical repertoire of this style. Art Nouveau "medal" jewelry replaced the classic cameo with a medallion of a gold or silver profile or full face of a woman. These die-stamped designs imitated repousse handwork. This sterling Art Nouveau brooch is from my personal collection. It depicts a womanís profile with undulating hair and sensual curves. Wonderful detail and exuberant flowing movement. There is a decorative beaded edging surrounding the central female motif. The back has the original C clasp and retains a mark that appears to be where a plate reading "sterling" or the makerís name would have been. Condition: Excellent. Slight wear on the back beading. 2 1/4" high, 1 3/4" wide.

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