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THIS LADY HOLDS SECRETS: This fused glass cameo locket and watch pin make a beautiful pair. This is a circa 1900 Art Nouveau styled gold filled locket with a very attractive glass cameo at its center. A well formed classical womanís profile adds color and dimension to the piece. The back of the locket has the initial "J" engraved in script. The die stamped, gold filled front design incorporates both polished and matte finishes. Inside the bottom hinged locket are 2 photos, a baby and a jaunty young man with a cigarette. Photos look to be "30ís. The locket hangs from an extremely ornate, gold filled fleur-de-lis watch pin. The back has a C catch and a very long hook. A well kept secret: these wonderful "watch pins" are used to dangle a variety of objects - watches, lockets, pendants, charms, etc. They increase the versatility of your collection tremendously. Every collector should own several different styles and finishes. They make small pieces larger. If you donít want to wear a pendant around your neck, you can pin it on your jacket. Condition of both pieces: Excellent. The locket has a few surface scratches and a tiny chip at the base of the ladyís neck. None are visible to the naked eye. Total Pin & Locket - 2 1/2" long. Locket alone - 1 1/4" in diameter.

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