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FOURTEEN ANGELS WATCH DO KEEP (Victorian Angel Cameo): This incredible Victorian shell Cameo shows two precious infants being lovingly carried to Heaven in the arms of an angel. The owl depicts the night. Both touching and mysterious, this subject seems to defy any one explanation. Some experts describe it as a memorial piece, but it is most likely Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsenís "Night". No matter which explanation is correct, it is one of the most appealing Cameo subjects that I have ever seen. The shell color is a delicate caramel with such beautiful rounded lifelike body curves. You can almost feel those little babies resting in the angelís arms. Set in a simple rolled gold bezel and lip mount, the pin and early safety clasp are replacements. Condition: Excellent. Some natural striations within the aged shell. Not visible to the naked eye. 1 3/4" wide, 1 1/2" high.

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