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THE CAT AND CUPID GO TO SEA ( Victorian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant ): This huge 14 KT gold Cameo has tremendous visual impact. It depicts an adolescent Cupid (Eros) and his mother, Venus (Aphrodite) on a sea voyage. The prow of the ship displays wonderful dragon fins and Venus has her arm around an intriguing rendering of a lioness’ head with a large ring in its mouth. Venus gazes down at her son. A fascinating subject - I have never seen another piece like this. The thick white carved layer gives the whole scene a slightly grey tint. The sky is carved in such a way that it seems to show clouds surrounding the ship. Her draperies and his wings are exquisite. Notice the tiny immortal toes! Set in a marked 14KT gold simple bezel and lip with a swag of flowers and leaves crowning the top. There is also a pendant ring so that this "piece of history" can be worn as a brooch or pendant. The pin back has a C clasp with an early type of safety lock. Condition: Very fine. No chip or cracks. Slight surface wear. 2 1/2" by 1 7/8".

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