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ROMANCE THAT LASTS FOR ALL TIME ( Edwardian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant ): A huge, stunning oval antique cameo that is both a brooch and a pendant. This museum quality hand carved shell brooch depicts a highly detailed Classical female profile, perhaps Flora (Roman goddess of flowers), adorned with roses and lilies. The tendrils of her hair, the drape of the gown and perfect facial features make this an irresistible cameo to own or give as a treasured gift. Highly domed, set in a 10 KT bezel and gold ribbon filigree frame with leaves and flowers at the compass points. Probably turn of the century or Edwardian. There is an early safety catch on the back and a hidden pendant ring that folds up or down. Condition: Excellent. A few natural striations at the top. 2 1/2" high and 2" wide oval.

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