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THE QUEEN'S LADY ( Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch ): Incredibly fine detail on this exquisite Victorian (1860 - 1880) shell Cameo set in a 9 KT gold (marked and tested) frame. Surely the work of a master carver, this lovely Elizabethan lady is adorned with gorgeous jewelry - note her perfect ear and the wonderful earrings. One of her many necklaces even has a tiny heart shaped locket on it. Continue looking at the delicate ruff and unusual headpiece. No "bad hair days" for this royal lady - every wave and curl on her head is perfect. The 9 KT gold setting covers the entire back of the piece. The pin back has a C clasp and still retains the safety chain. Make a space in your jewelry box because this Elizabethan Lady belongs there. Condition: Excellent!!! 1 3/4" high, 1 1/2" wide.

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