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Cameo Jewelry: CA011

KING OF ALL HE SURVEYS ( Victorian Glass Cameo Brooch ): A very fine Victorian black and white Glass Cameo prong set in an elaborate silver frame. I am uncertain of the man's identity. Perhaps a Mythological or Biblical subject. Nicely done, the white glass is molded and then fused to the black glass background, forming what is called a "doublet". Glass cameos have been made for centuries - glass once being so highly prized for its rarity. This white on black full face male portrait has tremendous visual impact. The facial work is highly detailed revealing every feature and curl of hair. This pin back has a C clasp closure. Condition: Excellent - no chips or cracks. The back of the setting has a few irregularities that may be original. 1 5/8" high, 1 1/4" wide.

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