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THINK AGAIN!: This cameo came as a real shock to me. Look at this hot coral color! It is in fact a "book piece" full of surprises. You're looking at a white on orange glass oval cameo depicting the mythological motif of Psyche with butterfly wings in her hair, ca. 1890. The edges of the orange glass are faceted all the way around. The back is a base metal, perhaps brass with a "C" clasp. Even people who don't like "traditional" cameos will be struck by this brilliant colored treasure that is made of such high fashion colors. Condition: Very good. Small part of neck front has chipped off, but you can't tell. It appears complete. The chip must be old because the color's all aged the same. 1 3/4" high, 1 3/8" wide. (Pictured in the book: "Cameos Classical to Costume" by Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements, Page 142.)

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