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CA034A.jpg (24776 bytes)

CA034: HEAVENLY MESSENGER - Victorian Shell Cameo Pendant

CA108: NECTAR FOR THE GODS - Victorian Jewelry Shell Hebe Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA126:TIMELESS ELEGANCE - Vintage Jewelry Pink Coral Cameo Ring

CA112: NECTAR FOR THE GODS II - Antique Victorian Shell Cameo Portrait

VJ243: DUO OF PRETTY LADIES - Antique Victorian Framed Portrait Miniature of Two Young Ladies

IV057: GODDESS DIANA IN ELIZABETHAN DRESS - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Diana Cameo Pendant

CA090: REGAL MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Portrait Brooch / Pin

CA078A.JPG (48199 bytes)

CA078: BATTLE READY HORSES - Victorian Jewelry Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA068A.JPG (63041 bytes)

CA068: ORNATE AND ROMANTIC BACCHANTE - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA121: SWEETER THAN WINE CAMEO - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA015A.jpg (27817 bytes)

CA015: ROMANCE THAT LASTS FOR ALL TIME - Edwardian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

IV066: GOLDEN IVORY BACCHANTE - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Bacchante Brooch / Pin

IV073: FLORA – CROWNED WITH FLOWERS - Victorian Antique Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pin

IV059: FLORA - PROMISE OF RENEWAL - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA012A.jpg (35163 bytes)

CA012: THE QUEEN'S LADY - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

IV053: FLORA BRINGS SPRING - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Pendant

CA105: LOVE & WAR – VENUS & MARS - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA091: TWO GODDESSES “DAY & NIGHT” - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Pendant

CA081A.JPG (93685 bytes)

CA081: WINDOW TO THE PAST - Victorian Jewelry Hardstone Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA089: THE THREE GRACES – JOY, CHARM & BEAUTY - Victorian Jewelry Three Graces Cameo Set in Tortoiseshell Pendant

CA057A.jpg (43895 bytes)

CA057: PLAYFUL CHERUBS ALL IN A ROW - Victorian Lava Cameo Pin

CA069A.JPG (96035 bytes)

CA069: GLITTER & GLAMOUR - Vintage Art Deco Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA095: THE MAGIC OF PEARLS & CURLS - Vintage Jewelry Shell Cameo Ring

CA051A.jpg (51980 bytes)

CA051: DIVINE MUSICAL HARMONY - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA040A.jpg (42390 bytes)

CA040: THE GODDESSES AT PLAY - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Pin

CA025B.jpg (34850 bytes)

CA025: QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS - Edwardian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA109: POETIC MUSE - Vintage Jewelry Shell Cameo Earrings

CA106: LAVA LADIES - Victorian Jewelry Gray Lava Earrings

CA085: HARDSTONE CLASSIC BEAUTIES: Victorian Jewelry Hardstone Cameo Earrings

CA093: BIRD’S EYE VIEW - Victorian Jewelry Bird Shell Cameo Brooch/Pin

CA098: ETERNAL LOVE FOR THE SOUL - Edwardian Jewelry Art Nouveau Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA054A.jpg (40433 bytes)

CA054: THE YOUNG MASTER AND HIS DOG: Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA101: CHILDREN OF NIGHT - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA045A.jpg (58536 bytes)

CA045: HEAVEN REVEALED: Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA026A.jpg (32698 bytes)

CA026: DEVINE SEDUCTION - Edwardian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA055A.jpg (38320 bytes)

CA055: ATHENA THE WARRIOR GODDESS - Edwardian Shell Cameo Brooch / Pendant

IV045: IVORY MISTRESS OF THE FLOWERS - Victorian / Edwardian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pendant

BB225A.JPG (39532 bytes)

BB225: BAKELITE VICTORIAN REVIVAL BEAUTY  Vintage Reverse Carved Bakelite & Celluloid Cameo Brooch

IV029: INCREDIBLE IVORY IMAGE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch

CA087: POMPEII MEMENTO - Victorian Jewelry Lava Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA028A.jpg (39162 bytes)

CA028: BUTTERFLY WING BRIDE - Edwardian Jewelry Psyche Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin / Pendant

CA083: NIGHT SLEEP - Victorian Jewelry Nyx Lava Cameo Brooch

CA003A.jpg (19496 bytes)

CA003: A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE - Vintage Shell Cameo Ring

CA031A.jpg (40519 bytes)

CA031: CUP BEARER TO THE GODS - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA063A.JPG (59131 bytes)

CA063: A PASSION FOR LAVA - Victorian Jewelry Lava Cameo Brooch

CA064A.JPG (51109 bytes)

CA064: ETERNAL LOVE FOR THE SOUL - Edwardian Jewelry Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA086: DIANA CRADLING HER DOG - Victorian Jewelry Cameo Pendant

CA070A.JPG (42586 bytes)

CA070: SOUVENIR OF POMPEII - Victorian Jewelry Lava Cameo Pendant

CA042A.jpg (27462 bytes)

CA042: APOLLO’S BELOVED - Edwardian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA071A.JPG (44915 bytes)

CA071: PSYCHE IN GOLD & DIAMONDS - Vintage Jewelry Coral Cameo Brooch / Pendant

CA050A.jpg (29417 bytes)

CA050: LOVELINESS IN LAVA - Victorian Lava Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA041A.jpg (25278 bytes)

CA041: 20TH CENTURY CLASSIC - Vintage Shell Cameo Ring

CA019A.jpg (36856 bytes)

CA019: FOURTEEN ANGELS WATCH DO KEEP ( Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch )

CA115: DAWN USHERING IN THE DAY - Edwardian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch

CA009A.jpg (42155 bytes)

CA009: A BEAUTY FOR ALL TIMES - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA056A.jpg (39412 bytes)

CA056: THE FATE OF THE QUEEN - Edwardian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA053A.jpg (47908 bytes)

CA053: A CELEBRATION OF WEDDED LOVE AND FIDELITY - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch / Pendant

CA047A.jpg (38861 bytes)

CA047: BLACK AS JET Victorian Jet and Coral Cameo Brooch 

CA016A.jpg (34406 bytes)

CA016: THE CAT AND CUPID GO TO SEA - Victorian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA075A.JPG (51634 bytes)

CA075: PORTRAIT PAIR - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch

CA032A.jpg (44329 bytes)

CA032: SLEEK AND SERENE - Vintage Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA027A.jpg (38723 bytes)

CA027: CURIOSITY FOR CAMEO LOVERS - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch

CA024A.jpg (43282 bytes)

CA024: WHITE CYCLAMEN BLOOM FOREVER  Vintage Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant 

CA035A.jpg (36103 bytes)

CA035: SHAKESPEAREAN DRAMA - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA058A.jpg (57640 bytes)

CA058: CAMEO MYTHS MINGLE - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA038A.jpg (37430 bytes)

CA038: WAR AND WISDOM - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch

CA013A.jpg (27631 bytes)

CA013: JET LACE & LADY - Victorian Shell & Jet Cameo Brooch

CA029A.jpg (37142 bytes)

CA029: KING OF THE GODS - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch

CA062A.JPG (49293 bytes)

CA062: THE PRINCE OF PEACE - Victorian Jewelry Jesus Cameo Brooch

CA002: WARRIOR MAIDEN - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch

CA096: THE MARK OF THE CRESCENT MOON - Edwardian Jewelry Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA018A.jpg (36079 bytes)

CA018: SHARING SECRETS - Vintage Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA022A.jpg (60796 bytes)

CA022: GODDESS OF YOUTH  Victorian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant 

CA052A.jpg (42838 bytes)

CA052:  CLEOPATRA’S CHOICE  Victorian Shell Cameo Necklace 

CA080A.JPG (59933 bytes)

CA080: HEAVENLY RULERS OF THE GODS - Victorian Jewelry Cameo Brooch / Pendant

CA007A.jpg (34429 bytes)

CA007: DELICATE WEDGWOOD MUSE OF SINGING - Vintage Wedgwood Cameo Brooch

CA011A.jpg (43873 bytes)

CA011: KING OF ALL HE SURVEYS - Victorian Glass Cameo Brooch

CA008A.jpg (40286 bytes)

CA008: DAINTY DELIGHT - Vintage Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch

CA077A.JPG (39049 bytes)

CA077: ADORED BY GODS & MEN - Victorian Jewelry Cameo Brooch / Pendant

IV064: IVORY PORTRAIT CAMEO - Edwardian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Necklace & Pendant

CA021A.jpg (24537 bytes)

CA021: THIS LADY HOLDS SECRETS - Art Nouveau Jewelry Cameo Locket / Pin

CA094: TO THY CROSS I CLING - Victorian Mourning Jewelry Cameo Brooch / Pin Pendant

CA005A.jpg (46716 bytes)

CA005: EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN - Vintage Bakelite Cameo Pendant

CA001A.jpg (35858 bytes)

CA001: THINK AGAIN! - Victorian Jewelry Cameo Brooch

IV047: IVORY MUSICAL MUSE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA046A.jpg (47940 bytes)

CA046: PLINY’S DOVES  Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

CA067A.JPG (39585 bytes)

CA067: THE GOLDEN CHARIOT ASCENDING - Antique Jewelry Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant

CA059A.jpg (88381 bytes)

CA059: GIFTS OF THE SEA - Victorian Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant Necklace

CA020A.jpg (63561 bytes)

CA020: THE LOVERS - Vintage Shell Cameo Brooch

CA037A.jpg (33754 bytes)

CA037: WINGS IN HEAVEN - Edwardian Shell Cameo Brooch

BB036: BLACK BEAUTY - Vintage Bakelite Cameo Bracelet

CA044A.jpg (39422 bytes)

CA044: THE DARK LADY: - Victorian Vulcanite Cameo Brooch

CA072A.jpg (71756 bytes)

CA072: CLASSICAL EBONITE BEAUTY - Victorian Jewelry Cameo Pendant

CA023A.jpg (31928 bytes)

CA023: ART NOUVEAU SILVER FANTASY - Victorian Silver Cameo Brooch

CA006A.jpg (52266 bytes)


CA006: LADY IN BLACK - Vintage Bakelite Cameo Bracelet

CA120: FLORA – MISTRESS OF THE FLOWERS CAMEO - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA076A.JPG (39415 bytes)

CA076: WINGS OF LOVE - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA039A.jpg (67190 bytes)

CA039: CHRISTIAN VICTORY CROSS - Victorian Shell Cameo Brooch

IV069: PUTTO OR CHERUB? - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pin

CA138: DAY & NIGHT CAMEO - Antique Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin


CA084: ROSY-FINGERED DAWN - Victorian Jewelry Cameo Brooch / Pin


CA135: POMPEII REMEBRANCE - Victorian Antique Pompeii Cameo & Hair Brooch / Pin


CA107: FLORA BRINGS SPRING - Victorian Jewelry Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin

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