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Noel Noblitt . . . The New York Connection 

1776 Adams Lee  Francklin.jpg (33692 bytes)I first met JJ in 1976 when I designed and constructed the costumes for her San Antonio Bicentennial production of 1776. We have been fast friends ever since. I continued to design costumes for JJ's theater production company until the mid 1980's. Then I moved to New York and became a costumer for Broadway shows, dance companies, Las Vegas extravaganzas and circuses. I also make costumes for Disney's theme parks, parades and stage shows. Working for "the mouse" is a lot of fun.

Custer.jpg (55654 bytes)JJ and I share not only a love for theater, but also a passion for antique shopping. When she comes to visit me in New York, we spend half of our time going to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows and the other half of our time going to antique shows, galleries and flea markets. I'm very happy to be included in JJ's new production - TIME DANCES BY. You can't believe how long it took us just to chose a name. Now I am a "picker" (as they say in the trade) for TDB. It gives me an additional reason to go antiqueing (as if I needed one!). You won't know which items I picked, but I hope you buy mine first. Don't you love it!!!!!

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