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John Mumma - Pug Collector 

Nala  Dad 98.jpg (13088 bytes)I am a pediatric ophthalmologist edging very close to retirement. Since I don't relish the idea of sitting around watching day-time soap operas, my wife of 37 years, Judy, and I have always talked about the idea of opening an antique and collectible business after my retirement. The internet has allowed us to get a little head start.

Toto  Dad 73.jpg (9683 bytes)Like most men, I don't really enjoy shopping.  My wife, who lives to shop, has to force me to go out with her and buy some new clothes every couple of years. For some reason she's embarrassed to go out with me in my polyester pants, sport coats worn thin and 10 year old shoes. She doesn't understand that's when they start feeling comfortable!

Kachina  Mom Xmas.jpg (62902 bytes)Judy has been collecting Mourning, Bakelite and Native American jewelry for 30 years and to entertain myself at the antique shows I started collecting pug dog figurines. I like the choice because there aren't many at most shows, so I can finish looking quickly and then find a comfortable spot and get in a few hours of good mystery and adventure reading as she finishes up.

Our problem now is that our taste for collecting has increased as my income has decreased, so we will be selling some of our private collections, mainly so we can buy more. Not to mention that our collections now occupy every nook and cranny of our home! That makes sense, doesn't it? PLEASE HELP US CLEAR OUT SOME SPACE SO WE WON'T ULTIMATELY BE FORCED TO LIVE IN THE GARAGE.

Why Pugs?

Toto  Tewa 86.jpg (33825 bytes)Our love affair with pugs started in 1973 when Toto became a member of our family. I don't remember why we picked a pug puppy for our first dog. It is often said that pugs are worthless for hunting, herding, guarding or even responding to mindless commands such as "sit" or "come". They are only good for entertainment, love and companionship. It is also said that once a lover of pugs, always a lover of pugs. I know we quickly fell in love with our funny-faced baby dog and pugs have been members of our family over since. Toto has been followed by Tewa, Fawn, Nala and now Kachina. Collecting pug figurines followed naturally for me. I can't look at any of my pugs without smiling and they now inhabit most of our house. They are a natural for collecting. Since becoming popular in Europe and England in the 18th century, they have never been the most popular breed to own, but they have always been in the top dozen or so. They aren't fads and they never go out of fashion. (For pug gluttons, read my The History of Pugs.)

Kachina  Nala Xmas 00.jpg (63449 bytes)Those of you who collect pugs have undoubtedly learned that the value of a piece is subjective, hopefully tempered by some knowledge. Basically, I've bought what I've liked, what makes me smile. I'm sure I've paid too much for some of my pugs, but picked up a few bargains - like most of you. I would like to add to the "knowledge" portion of my equation. For instance, I rarely know how to date when a piece was made and often don't know where or by whom it was made. I will be honest about my ignorance in my descriptions. I have found "pug people" to be a special and generous breed. I will be happy to share what I do know with you, some of which can be found in our pug "Personal Collection" section, and I hope you will feel free to share your knowledge with me.


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