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Bakelite & Other Plastic Jewelry   

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SUNSHINE ( Vintage Carved Bakelite Bangle ): Yes, I know this is really Applejuice colored but it is so cheerful looking I call it “Sunshine”. This is a Vintage Prystal (transparent) Bakelite Bangle (c. 1940's) hand carved in a rope pattern. For those of you who have visited my Instagram site (judy_jays), you may recognize this as the central bangle in one of my personal stacks. I hope one of you will get the same cheerful feeling I did when wearing this Sunshine Bangle.

Condition: Excellent.

Size: 1 1/2” wide, 1/4” deep, 2 1/2” inner opening.




DOZENS OF DOTS ( Bruce Pantti Vintage Bakelite Dot Bangle ): Bruce and Vickie Pantti used Vintage Bakelite stock to make their beautiful Bangles and Pins. I have always particularly liked their Dot Bangles. While still active they had a booth each year at the nearby Round Top Antique Show. We communicated frequently and he would always set aside some he thought I might like – and I always did! This beautiful bright Red Bangle with light cream corn dots of three different sizes is one of my favorites. It bears the familiar “Pantti” etched signature. And the title is accurate – Two Dozen Dots!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 1/2” wide, 3/8” deep, 2 1/2” inner opening.



GREEN GOLD TRIO ( Vintage Carved Bakelite Three Bangle Stack ): Each of these three Vintage Bakelite Bangles (c. 1940's) is a treasure by itself – together they are solid Gold! They are from my personal collection and have adorned my arm many times over the years. The top green Prystal (transparent) bangle is carved with an abstract pattern colored with a yellow overdye. The middle one is also a green Prystal bangle carved into a rope or wave pattern. The bottom one is a translucent lime green and gold marbleized bangle carved into five leaves circling the bangle, each with a dark green marbleized stem. Decorate your arm with this “Green Gold”.

Condition: Excellent
.Size: Top two 3/4” wide, 3/8” deep. Bottom one 1” wide, 3/8” deep. All have 2 1/2” inner opening.




SUNRISE / SUNFLOWER ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Carved Bangle Bracelet ): Vintage Bakelite collectors love these deep, heavily hand carved patterned bangles. (c. 1930-40) I can’t decide if it’s a sunrise or a sunflower design. Call it what you wish – this is the real thing. Imagine the master craftsman who held this round bangle against the cutting wheel to produce this complex design. The color is almost a light butterscotch or, if you prefer, a deep creamed corn. From my personal collection, I have always loved the way this Vintage Bakelite Bracelet made any day sunny and brighter. Match it up with black, brown, green, rootbeer – or for a very “today” look – try it with burgundy. You can add plain colored bangles on either side and this carved beauty will take the spotlight even more. If you are a serious collector this bangle will instantly express your fashion creativity and enthusiasm to own the very best of Vintage Bakelite.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Just over 1” wide, 1/4' deep, 2 1/2” inner opening.




RED HEELS AND RHINESTONE GARTERS ( French Bakelite Jewelry Pin ): A pin guaranteed to cause conversation! These saucy crossed legs have hand painted red heels and inset rhinestone garters. Made from Galalith, one of the oldest plastics used in jewelry, it has a milk base, but looks and feels like vintage Bakelite. You will really enjoy this eye catching pin! It has the deco look of the ‘20’s and ‘30’s. It has a heat set pin back with a safety clasp. One clever way to wear it is pinned upside down over a pocket or peeking out from under a lapel so that it appears that the legs are emerging from a hidden lady. Men love these sexy legs!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 2 1/2" high, 1 3/4" wide.


BB210A.JPG (33663 bytes)


CARROTS MORE FUN THAN KARATS ( Bakelite Jewelry Pin ) Here is a chance to not only eat, but wear your vegetables. I just love this large carved Bakelite leaf with dangling carrots pin. The 6 cute fully rounded carrots have the same texture as real carrots. The combination is so much fun and you will receive lots of compliments when wearing it. The carrots are attached by gold tone rings and there is a safety clasp pin back. I believe that it is newly made, copying a vintage design idea. It does test as Bakelite and is a real novelty accessory. Condition: Excellent. Size: Leaf is 3 1/4” wide, full dangle pin is 2 3/4” high, carrots are 1 1/4 long. SOLD!


EGYPTIAN WINGED BEAUTY ( Brad Elfrink Vintage Bakelite Egyptian Scarab Beetle Pendant ): One of today's most talented Bakelite artists – Brad Elfrink – uses only Vintage Bakelite in the most clever and artistic manner to create his bangles and pins. I was lucky enough to know him and his work before he became popular with other Bakelite collectors. Here is a scarab pendant carved from vintage blue moon Bakelite with insets of tequila sunrise and marbleized red Bakelite. The design is borrowed from ancient Egyptian artifacts with the beetle in the middle surrounded by outstretched wings that meet at the disc of red Bakelite which symbolizes the sun. The ancient Egyptians believed that the sun was rolled across the sky in its orbit by a scarab beetle. A beautiful piece of jewelry with the dark swirled blue moon looking similar to lapis lazuli. Blue is a color that you no longer see in Vintage Bakelite pieces from the 1930's and 1940's since it turns brown with time. Brad buffs off the patina to show you the original beautiful colors of this and his other pieces. This pendant hangs from a Sterling bale and 24” Sterling chain. The back is inscribed with Brads name and the date 10-4-06. This is a one-of-a-kind beauty. Remember to keep all of your Vintage Bakelite in dark drawers or boxes to help maintain the original colors.

Condition: Excellent. Chain included.
Size: 2” wide, 1 3/4” high, 1/8” deep.




RARE RUNWAY PARADISE ( Vintage “Isadora” French Bakelite Jewelry Necklace ): This large Vintage French “Isadora” necklace is a truly exceptional and important piece to add to any collection. (c. 1979) The theme of this bit of tropical paradise includes an exotic bird, a branch of coral, a large black blossom and – most special of all – a black celluloid perfume bottle containing the newly created perfume “Isadora”. (The glass perfume bottle inside the black container is still almost full of the original perfume.) I just love the colors! The tropical bird is peach and vanilla, the branch of coral is also those colors. Made of Galalith (often called French Bakelite), the exotic black blossom and black celluloid perfume container add drama to the peach, salmon and black circular and tubular beads. The perfume container is marked “ © Isadora 79” on the top and the back of the bird is marked “Isadora Paris” with the double art deco nude logo. There is a screw style closure. This necklace – typical of Isadora pieces, uses big bold elements to enhance the incredible necklace design. Isadora always wanted to give her pieces on exclusive, limited production so that her clientele had the feeling that they were wearing a rare jewelry piece. This is an early and rare runway necklace, not the simplified versions you see now. I feel that this conveys the best of Isadora's work. An unforgettable necklace that you will not see again.

Condition: Excellent. Never worn. Used only in a display of perfume bottles.
Size: Length 19”. Height of pendants/drops – Bird 4 3/4”, Coral 4 1/2”, Blossom 2”, Perfume container 1 1/2”.



CHECK-MATE: (Judith Evans Resin Jewelry Checkerboard Bangle ): This bold and wide three row checkerboard domed bangle is by designer Judith Evans. Black and white checks are accented by red rims. These three row checks are top of the line pieces. The colorful red trim adds to the sleek polish of this beautiful bangle and it feels so smooth and satiny on your wrist. (This bangle is made without formaldehyde and does not test like Vintage Bakelite.) Black, white and red is a dynamite combination and creates a striking visual effect. The look of Vintage Bakelite at a price that makes your mouth water!

Condition: Excellent. Mint! (Frog not included. Sorry!)
Size: Ladies, this bangle has a larger inner opening of 2 5/8” instead of the 2 1/2” of Vintage bangles. 1 1/2” wide, 1/4” thick.



LUMINOUS MOTHER-OF-PEARL ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Inset with MOP Carving Clamper Bracelet & Pin Set ): Here is another rare Vintage Bakelite set from my personal collection. Executed in superb detail, I am offering a Vintage Black Bakelite Set (clamper bracelet and matching pin) inset with hand carvings of luminous Mother-of-Pearl. (c. 1960) The bracelet and pin are hand carved as well with deeply scalloped edges. The hinged bracelet has a circular centerpiece with scalloped edges framing the exquisite carving of a chrysanthemum and forget-me-nots. The large oval of MOP in the matching brooch displays a larger version of the same floral theme. There is a safety catch on the pin closure. I have seen Vintage Bakelite set with figural metal decorations, mirrors, watches and even feathers! (Josephine Baker owned that piece.) But this set, using a black and white color scheme is strikingly dramatic and brings to mind the Art Deco period. You will be the center of attention wearing this rare set with luminous iridescent Mother-of-Pearl in sleek black Bakelite. They make a memorably glamorous pairing. You won't see this again!

Condition: Excellent. Tight hinge. Sold only as a set.
Size: Bracelet: 1 3/4” circular center piece with 1 1/4” circular MOP inset. Bracelet tapers from 1 3/8” wide in front to 3/4” in back, 1/4” thick. 2 1/2” inner opening. Brooch: 2 7/8” wide, 2” high, 1/4” deep. MOP inset 1 7/8” wide, 1 5/8” high.



MYTHICAL SEA HORSE ( Brad Elfrink Vintage Bakelite Jewelry “Sea Horse” Brooch / Pin ): A gorgeous brooch custom made for me by Bakelite Artist Brad Elfrink who never fails to amaze me! Using only Vintage Bakelite stock, Brad refinishes the pieces to bring back the fabled colors of the original Bakelite. The subject here is a Hippocampus, the fabled sea animal from Greek mythology. The chariot of Poseidon was drawn by a Hippocampus. It resembles a horse with the hind parts of a fish or dolphin. The name comes from the Greek “hippos” for horse and “kampos” a sea monster. The name was also used to classify one species of sea horse. A large pin, nice and thick to get the needed depth for Brad's carving. The horse portion is carved from a deep caramel brown and tail from a deep emerald green. The eye is black Bakelite inlaid and the hooves are black enamel. Just look at the detail in the tail and beautiful proportions of horse including the astonishing mane! The back has a large safety clasp pin back and is inscribed “Brad Elfrink” with the date “3-22-6”. If there is a “Master of Bakelite” that title would certainly belong to Brad. His pin is simply gorgeous!

Condition: Mint
.Size: 3” long, 2 1/4” high, 3/8” deep.



DOTS FOR DAYS ( Judith Evans Jewelry Dot Bangle ): Bold and uniquely colorful domed bangle by designer Judith Evans. This is a custom made bangle in the colors that I requested – there may not be another one like it. A lovely vivid green with various sized dots in rust, peach, orange, black and white dance across the surface of the bangle. Judith Evans pieces are made with her own special formula and do not test as Bakelite. The surface has a sleek polish and it feels so smooth and satiny on your wrist. A dynamite combination, this bangle creates a striking visual effect. The look of Bakelite at a price that will make your mouth water. Bangle is signed “J. Evans”.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 1/2” wide, 1/2” deep, 2 5/8” inner opening.



RARE *ISADORA* OCEAN LINER SHIP NECKLACE ( Vintage French Bakelite Jewelry “Isadora” Necklace ):This large Vintage French Bakelite “Isadora” Necklace is a truly exceptional piece to add to any collection. The subject is based on an ocean liner featuring at the center the prow of a large 3 deck ship with a blue anchor on one side and a French sailor's hat with a yellow pom-pom on the other side. The Galalith (often called French Bakelite) beads that go around your neck are black on one side and white on the other. There are geometric abstract cut outs that lead down to the central ship design. I love the colors – so intense yet playful and fashionable. This necklace – typical of Isadora pieces – uses bold elements to enhance the incredible design. The necklace fastens with a screw closure within what looks like an oblong black bead. The back of the ship is hot stamped “Isadora Paris” and “© Isadora”. Her trademark of twin art deco ladies is in the center. In 2011 I received a lovely email from her husband, Pierre Dinand. Here is part of what he said: “ISADORA was created by Danielle Poullain in 1976 and still exists in Paris today, she has never stopping her activity. Her Store is located in the St Germain area......She created jewelry for many Fashion designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Missoni, Tiffany and Givenchy.” I am so grateful to him for writing so I could add this information for all of you who are fascinated by the lady and her jewelry, just as I am. This is an unforgettable necklace that you won't see again.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Hangs about 21” long, ship is 3” high, anchor is 3 1/4” high, sailor cap is 2” in diameter, most of it is 1/4” deep.



SOPHISTICATED LEAF & SCROLL LUCITE NECKLACE ( Vintage Clear & Rootbeer Lucite Necklace ): Ready to spice up your fashion wardrobe? This spectacular Vintage Clear and Translucent Rootbeer Lucite Necklace will be just the thing to keep your “look” trendy and unique. The photos tell the story better than I. Leaf and scroll designs make up the three motif designed necklace. The carved rootbeer pieces are overlaid on top of the clear Lucite, creating a special dimensional effect. Gold-tone links are used to add a dash of sparkle to the necklace. There is a large spring ring closure. This necklace always brought me compliments and now it can be yours to treasure. Own it and flaunt it!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: About 18” long. Each of the two leaf pieces are 4” long and the central pendant dangle is 4 1/2” long. All 1/4”-1/2” deep.



RARE *ISADORA* FROLICKING FROG POND ( Vintage French Bakelite Jewelry “Isadora” Necklace ): This large Vintage French “Isadora” Necklace is a truly exceptional piece to add to any collection. The theme of a whimsical frog and lily pads is extremely charming. I just love the colors! Made of Galalith (often called French Bakelite), the graduated round beads range from deep red to soft pale green and ivory. The large theme pieces are soft green fading into a deeper green and a soft coral pink gradually becoming a deeper rose tipped shade. (The true colors are better seen on the photos with white backgrounds.) This necklace – typical of Isadora pieces – uses big, bold elements to enhance the incredible necklace design. It remains difficult to learn very much about the lady herself, but I have heard from some shoppers who visited her shop in Paris back in the 1980’s. Even then her pieces were very limited and expensive. Isadora opened her shop in 1975 and designed pieces through the ‘80’s. (Her shop has long been closed.) The back of this necklace is hot stamped with the Isadora logo and is marked “Isadora Paris”, “© Isadora 1980”. The catch is a screw barrel clasp. Isadora always wanted to give her pieces a certain exclusive, limited production, so that her clientele had the feeling that they were wearing a rare jewelry piece. I search constantly for a few affordable pieces that I feel convey the best of Isadora’s work. This is an unforgettable necklace that you won’t see again.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Total length 18 1/2”. Center lily pad 3 1/4" high, 3 1/4" wide, 1/4 deep. Frog is 2 3/4" long, 2 1/2"wide 1/8 deep.
BB169A.JPG (57132 bytes)


DYNAMITE DOVETAIL SIGNED BANGLE ( Bakelite Jewelry Bangle Bracelet ): I am so pleased to offer you this “Dovetail” Vintage Bakelite Bangle made and signed by contemporary artist, Teresa. The colors are vivid and juicy – they actually shine! Teresa uses all Vintage Bakelite pieces in her creations. The outer edges of this wide bangle are a beautiful marbleized translucent root beer and the “Dovetails” are made of laminated  burgundy and cream pieces. The burgundy tails are made from vintage mahjong tiles. Superb work executed with skill and artistry signed “Teresa”. Not a bangle for the faint of heart! Condition: Excellent. The light cream will age to a cream corn color as all vintage pieces do. Size: 1 3/4” wide, 2 5/8” inner opening, 1/4” thick. SOLD!


TROPICAL MOONLIGHT ( Bruce Pantti Rare Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Brooch / Pin ): I have known contemporary artist, Bruce Pantti, for many years and he made this pin for me at my request. (c. 1995) Bruce uses only Vintage Bakelite for his creations and polishes them so that the original colors are bright as new. Out of my personal collection I am offering this beautiful pin of a marbleized translucent pale yellow moon peeking out from behind two hand carved palm trees. The trees have deeply carved cross hatching all the way up the trunks to the graceful marbleized deep green palm leaves. The whole scene has been laminated together. Pantti has engraved his signature on the back and affixed a safety clasp pin back. Bruce's work is featured in Karima Parry's book “Bakelite Pins”. Pins by Bruce Pantti are quite frankly – rare. He mainly makes Bakelite Bangles. Each pin is a one-of-a-kind creation. A perfect Vintage Bakelite pin that will recall visits to tropical destinations and provide a “pick-me-up” for all seasons. I love it and hope that one of you will love it too. A rare treasure at any price!

Condition: Excellent / Mint.
Size: 3 1/8” high, 2 1/2” wide, 1/4” deep.


** Frog not included and is for display purposes only**


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